Creating Functional, Attractive Environments

Creating Functional, Attractive Environments

From the boldest remodeling ideas to the minutest renovation, Accessible Home, LLC in Boca Raton ensures the work we do for you is exemplary. With more than 25 years in the field of  occupational therapy and home remodeling services, we specialize in creating a plan for a functional attractive environment.

Safety and Accessibility Remodeling

Safety and Accessibility Remodeling

Our firm is leading the way for solutions in a personalized home modification approach to improve your safety in a barrier free environments. We do this in a cost effective method for both simple solutions, and  complex home remodeling.

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Simple or sometimes more elaborate modifications in your home can help you stay in your home. These changes may allow you greater independence and more confidence by preventing accidents.

  • The changes can be items such as helping individuals with arthritis have improved skills by replacing doorknobs or handles that may be easier to manipulate with less stress on the joints. 
  • It could be an analysis of your home to see what can cause a fall. 
  • Making structural changes to accommodate a wheelchair in your home, or adapt an environment for someone who requires  frequent seated positions while working in the kitchen, are all areas our company would brainstorm with you to create a space for all seasons.
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